Self-Published Writing

Turkey of the Street

Back away cars!
Back away people! 
This is my road. 
I am The Turkey of the Street.

See my gorgeous fan of feathers,
my royal blue head bob, 
and my long, elegant beak 
you're all ogling over

Yes, keep staring and pointing at me, 
your eyes popping out 
of your bulbous human head. 
I am King of the Road. 
You got that right. 
Me, a big turkey. 

I strut, my beak held high, 
my chest puffed out, 
my extended spotted feathers  
scraping the road.  

I know I've got some hanging chin skin, 
but people, I'm still incredibly dashing, 
don't you think? 

Ladies and gentlemen, 
I give you me, 
Turkey of the Street.
Now, don't all bow and applaud at once!